Signs You Need A New Breast Augmentation Surgery

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When you get a breast augmentation surgery done, know that while the results will last a long time, they will not last forever. Your breast augmentation should last several years depending on the skill of the cosmetic surgeon who did the work, the age of your implants, the type of implants you have, and the size they are.

You may need to replace your implants in the near future. If you have your breast implants redone, then see if your breast augmentation surgery can be done by the same surgeon who did your initial work. This is the best way to create consistency in your breast augmentation needs. If you want a new cosmetic surgeon, choose a specialist who works exclusively on breast augmentation and reconstruction for the best results.

Here are some signs you need a new breast augmentation surgery. You'll get a consultation before you have any work done to ensure you know what you're getting into.

You want different breasts

Do you want your breasts to be larger or smaller? Do you want to change their shape or give your breasts a new perky appeal? Removing your existing breast implants, doing a minor lift and tuck, and putting in new breast implants will be a great way to achieve this goal in a more permanent way. Your cosmetic surgeon can perform this breast augmentation for you.

You want new implants

How old are your existing breast implants? Are they leaking or have they moved? Have they reached their safe useful life and need to be replaced? The only way to know for sure if a new breast augmentation procedure is right for you is to speak with a breast implant surgeon who will look at your medical and breast implant history, examine your existing breasts, and make a decision based on their findings. You can also insist on a breast augmentation and if you have good cause, your cosmetic surgeon should have no issue complying.

No matter how old or new your breast augmentation is, if your breast implants are causing you to feel nausea, pain, discomfort, or you just feel like something is off, call your cosmetic surgeon right away. Emergencies can be handled in your local medical facility. You will get the most out of your breast augmentation surgery if you take care of your breasts after surgery and take time to heal according to how your plastic surgeon wants you to.

For more information on breast augmentation, contact a cosmetic surgeon near you.