Breast Augmentation Surgery Gives You A Fuller Bustline So You're Happier About Your Appearance

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There are different reasons for wanting breast augmentation surgery. You might have one breast that's larger than the other, or you may not be happy with the size of your breasts. A breast augmentation procedure adds implants to your breasts to make them larger. This is one of the more popular types of cosmetic surgeries.

However, you should understand the difference between augmentation and a breast lift. These procedures are sometimes done together. An augmentation alone doesn't lift your breasts, so your cosmetic surgeon will help you choose the best procedure for you. Here's how the surgeries compare.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Adds Cup Size

A breast augmentation procedure is done by adding implants to your breasts. These might be silicone or saline implants. Your doctor might even do a fat transfer implant that uses your own body fat. When you choose this surgery, you can choose the size you want for your implants as well as their shape.

This is usually an outpatient surgery, and when you go home, you could feel considerable discomfort. Your surgeon provides you with instructions on how to manage pain and what activities you can do. It could take several weeks to make a full recovery. When you've healed, your breasts will be the cup size you desired, and you should still be able to breastfeed and have full sensation in your breasts and nipples.

A Breast Lift Makes Your Breasts Perky

If your breasts are the size you like, but they sag due to breastfeeding, age, or weight loss, then a breast lift will probably be necessary. Simply having breast augmentation surgery will make your breasts larger, but they may still sag. A breast lift is done in different ways depending on the size of your breasts and how badly they sag. Your nipples may need to be repositioned so they are higher on your breasts.

The lift procedure could make your breasts seem smaller, so your doctor might advise you to combine a breast lift with an augmentation so you can keep your same breast size and have improved lift and cleavage.

You might be uncertain about the procedure you need to have done. Discuss your goals with your surgeon so they can explain each type of surgery and how the procedures could help you. They may even show you before and after photos so you can choose the look you like. Either type of surgery can help you feel much better about your figure by giving you a younger-looking or larger bustline.