Body Sculpting: What To Expect In This Procedure

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You want to achieve a tighter, more appealing silhouette but you don't want to go under the knife. Body sculpting is an alternative to surgery, including liposuction, for achieving a tighter body. Fat is removed or reduced in the body either by using fat cell freezing technology or a heating technique, both of which target specific areas of the body to help tone and sculpt the body.

The stomach, inner thighs, lower back, and other parts of the body are often targeted with body sculpting. This is a procedure that requires dedication, patience, and professional application. To get the most out of body sculpting, use this guide to help you.

Expect noticeable but not drastic results

Body sculpting is best done on patients who already have some experience with toned skin and who have overall well-managed weight. No matter what health condition your body is already in, your body sculpting results will not be dramatic as they would be if you were to get a more serious procedure done like a tummy tuck or some type of body implant. Still, the results you'll receive are noticeable and beneficial and will help you as you move forward with an exercise and a body-toning routine.

Expect results over time, not instantly

You'll have to receive multiple body sculpting treatments to get the final and more lasting results you're after. Your job is to continue having your bodywork done as your doctor recommends and to continue eating healthily and working out on the regular to bring your fat loss results to fruition. Your results are somewhat permanent as well and the longevity of your results depends on your overall lifestyle.

Expect ongoing maintenance

Once you have achieved the results you're after with body sculpting, keep the results by maintaining your body weight and staying in shape. Receiving periodic body sculpting treatments is also recommended by some doctors to maintain the work put in already. Always go to a professional body sculpting doctor to have your treatments done. At-home treatments can be potentially dangerous or may not even work at all.

Schedule an appointment with your body sculpting specialist to learn more about how this procedure can benefit you. Arrive early to your first appointment so all paperwork can be filled out in advance. Have questions about the procedure? Write them down so you don't forget them at your original consultation with your medical professional. For more information, look for a body sculpting professional near you.