Saline Or Silicone: Which Breast Implants Work For You?

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If you are getting breast implants, then you will most likely be getting either saline- or silicone-based ones. Saline implants are pouches that are injected with clean salt water, while silicone implants are shell-like implants filled with a viscous gel. Each implant type has its own pros and cons, so you and your cosmetic surgeon will have to figure out what's best for your situation. Here are some of the basics to get you started on this decision.


Costhelper states that the surgeon's fees for silicone implants are about $4,000 while saline ones are about $3,600. So cost usually isn't an issue when choosing between the two types. However, you need to keep in mind that the FDA requires regular MRIs for those with silicone-based implants. These kinds of implants can have unnoticed ruptures that can cause breast tissue to become inflamed. Your cost for silicone-based ruptures can jump significantly if your insurance doesn't cover MRIs, which can cost thousands of dollars.


This is a huge factor to consider since many people get implants for improved aesthetics. Silicone implants have the edge over saline ones since they look and feel like natural breast tissue. Saline is also more prone to rippling, where the implant puckers or folds under the skin. However, some women actually prefer saline since they can look firmer and rounder. So if you love the push-up bra look that emphasizes your breasts, saline could be better.


Do you know exactly which size and shape you want? If so, then silicone is the way to go, since it's easier for the doctor to customize a shape beforehand. Some women know they want very round implants while others may want more natural, tear-drop shapes one that conform to gravity.

Do you want an implant but aren't sure how big you should go? If so, then saline is a better option. Saline implants actually have injection ports that can be left in after the procedure which allows the doctor to fine-tune the breast size if you are unhappy with initial results. Once you've achieved the right volume, then this port is removed.

Whatever kind of implant you get, you'll be able to enjoy your new look for many years. Some women get repairs after about ten years, but others may have implants that last a lifetime. It's important to wear the proper bra size with good support so that the implants last.

Contact a doctor in your area that specializes in cosmetic procedures for more information.