2 Tips For Recovering From A Tummy Tuck

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Getting a tummy tuck can make a world of difference if you have lost a great deal of weight and would like to get rid of some of that loose skin. A tummy tuck essentially removes this loose skin and then brings your stomach back together to create a flat, tight surface. One thing that you must take into consideration when thinking about getting a tummy tuck is the time that it takes to recover. Just as with any other major surgical procedure, you must be aware that you must recover before you can return to normal life and see the final results. This article will discuss 2 tips for recovering from a tummy tuck. 

Stay Moving 

While this may sound like the opposite to what you should do, this isn't the case. It is very important that you are up and moving soon after surgery for multiple reasons. For one thing, this can help reduce the risk of blood clots forming as a result of the surgery. It also stops scar tissue from building up and hardening in your abdomen. You don't want this to happen because it will not create the flat, smooth stomach that you desire. This movement should not be anything super strenuous, but should simply involve getting up and walking around long enough to get your blood pumping. Using a walker or a cane until you are a bit more healed in your midsection can also help to reduce too much stress being placed on your stitches as well, while still allowing you to get the benefits of moving around.

Use What You Are Given For Pain Management

Your recovery from a tummy tuck will be somewhat painful. Because of this, your surgeon will likely prescribe you some medications to help deal with this pain. These medications will likely include some kind of pain pill and a topical numbing ointment. It is very important that you follow your surgeon's instructions to use these medications because they are given to you to help control your pain. If you are in pain all of the time, this can greatly hinder your healing process. You may feel more nauseous and have no desire to eat, which will weaken your body and can reduce your ability to fight off infections and heal in general. In contrast, taking the medication and applying the ointment as prescribed helps you to get through the recovery and move forward to see the results. 

By moving around regularly and using what your doctor has prescribed for pain management, you can make a successful tummy tuck recovery.