Three Hair Removal Options To Consider

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Hair removal can be a constant battle for many women. While shaving is one of the more preferred methods of hair removal, it is not the best choice for all the areas of your body, and it can cause skin irritation while providing very temporary results. For those that want alternatives to shaving, there are three options that should be considered.


For those who are struggling with hair removal on their face and arms, threading can be a highly effective solution. When this technique is used, a technician will use a special type of silk thread to remove individual hairs. The effects of this procedure are similar to tweezing, but it is a far faster process. In most cases, clients will find that this procedure can be completed within a matter of minutes, although the exact time needed will be determined by the amount of hair to remove.


When large areas of hair, such as the pubic region and legs, are needing to be removed, waxing can be a highly effective solution. Using this technique, body wax will be applied to the area being treated. While this wax is still warm, a piece of paper will be placed over it. After setting for a minute or two, the technician will rip the paper off of the body, which will remove any wax that was attached to it. In the process, this will remove the hair, and the hair will be very slow to return, as the follicle will need to heal before hair can be produced. Unfortunately, this option can be one of the more uncomfortable hair removal solutions, but its fast results can make this discomfort worth enduring.

Laser Removal

Modern technology has made some permanent hair removal options increasingly cost-effective. In particular, laser hair removal can be one of the best options for those that want long-term results. During this procedure, a technician will use a high-powered laser to kill the hair follicle. While this may sound painful, patients will typically feel little more than heat or a pricking sensation. Unfortunately, laser hair removal may require several visits to achieve the desired results. To minimize any skin irritation that can occur, these sessions will be scheduled out over several weeks. The number of sessions that you will need to achieve the desired results will be determined according to the type of hair being removal. Hair that is extremely course can be the most difficult to remove, which may require more sessions than finer hair would need.