3 Different Ways To Change How Your Breasts Look

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If you want to change the way that your breasts look, there are numerous different ways that you can change the shape of your breasts. Here are a few different ways that you can change how your breasts look.

#1 Move Fat To Your Breasts To Make Them Larger

If you have excessive fat in another area of your body, such as your butt or your legs, you can have it moved into your breasts to make them larger. This procedure is called an autologous fat transfer. It is not an implant, but it is a way to change the overall size and shape of your breasts in a more natural way.

However, this is a relatively new procedure and your body has to fit very specific criteria for a plastic surgeon to attempt this procedure on you. It is also important to note that because fat cells are being transplanted to a new part of your body, there is no guarantee how long your boob size will change. If you gain or lose weight, you could gain or shed fat cells which will impact how your boobs look.

#2 Change The Size Of Your Areola

If you have always felt that the size of your areola was too large for your breasts, you can have it reduced. This is called a mastopexy. The size of your areola can be reduced so that it is more proportional to your breasts.

This procedure can be done on its own, or it can be done as part of a breast implant surgery as well. There is usually minimal scar tissue left behind, leaving a natural look.

#3 Breast Implants

Finally, you can change the way that your breasts look through breast implants. You can get implants that are made out of silicone or saline. Silicone implants are supposed to have a more real look and feel to them; however, it is harder for medical professionals to monitor your implants in the longer term and determine if they have ruptured. Saline implants often don't have the same soft feel that silicone implants have and do not always look as smooth. However, saline implants are easy for doctors to monitor and ensure that they have not ruptured as they decrease more naturally in size when the implant is compromised.

If you want to change how your breast look, you can get traditional silicone or saline implants or you can have fat from other parts of your body transferred to your breasts. You can also have the size and look of your areola changed as well. If you want a full-body makeover, you can include breast changes as part of a "mommy makeover" that can improve the appearance of your entire body.